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    Standup Pouch with zipper

    Stand up pouches with zippers that facilitate for resealing of the pouches to keep the contents safe and hygienic. The pouches come in shiny and matte finishes with variable sizes.

    Stand Up Pouch With Zipper & Clear Front

    Stand up pouches with clear front that have a transparent front and an opaque back. The transparent front displays the contents of the pouch. Available in vibrant colour options for the back.

    Stand Up Pouch With Zipper & Valve

    Stand up pouches with valves that are suitable for storage of liquids. The valves ease the pouring of the contained liquid while the zipper allows for refilling as well as sealing the pouch securely.

    Customized Printed Pouch

    Shakoflex specialises in engineering films and then laminating various films and foils to make optimised high barrier packages using: BOPA/Nylon, BOPP, PET, CPP, Aluminum Foil, Paper, CPE, 3layer & 5layer co-ex PE Sealant co-ex PE films can be engineers for High Speed Flow-wrap & Vacuum, High Speed VFFS for Multi-Track, Seal Thru Contamination, High Barrier applications.

    Flat Bottom + Side Gusset Pouches with Tear Notch + Zipper

    The box pouch is the next generation stand up pouch in the world of preformed pouches. Utilizing the latest pouch converting technology, Shakoflex delivers the most variety, efficiency and quality possible in box pouch packaging with four vertical faces and a flat bottom, the flat bottom pouches can be formed in a square design.

    When we fill the contents into the box pouches, these pouches due to its rectangular shape it has maximum visibility & are able to stand steadily and provide an elegant appearance on the shelves to attract consumers. These pouches can also feature a zipper and tear notch for easy opening.