Stand up Pouch Application

Frozen food
Frozen food is made by turning water into ice which slows the decomposition process and the growth of bacteria. For this the stand up pouches are the best packaging.
The stand up pouches are made by laminating together multiple layers of scientifically designed barrier film, which makes them very sturdy and puncture resistant. The stand up pouch packaging for frozen food keeps out oxygen, vapour, odour and the bacteria.

The quality of frozen food is affected by the condition of the food when it is frozen. The stand up pouches help maintain vitamin content, colour, texture and flavour of the contents. The stand up pouches maintain the quality of the food from freezing till thawing. They make sure that that there is no loss in the nutrient value of the food while in the freezer.


Sea food
Sea food is very perishable and hence requires storage at low temperatures. The stand up pouches have special laminations that keep away the moisture and keep them dry for a long period of time. The resealable zipper packing allows the usage and preservation for a long time. The resealable zippers lets the consumers reclose the packs and preserve the contents for a later use. The products remain damage free and very fresh, just like the first use with the zippers.

Stand up pouch seafood packaging reduces oxygen in the packaging environment, keeping it safe till it reaches the consumers' homes. The packaging keeps away contaminants and locks in freshness and flavour and an increased shelf life.


Snack food
Snack items require packaging design that is light and easy to hold. The packaging should also keep the humidity away for a long period of time. The design should be unique so as to separate it from the other packs.

The stand up pouches stand vertically on shelves as compared to the plastic bags which lay flat. The vertical placement of the pouches bring visibility and they can display, logo, brand name, etc in a much better way causing the potential consumers, pick them over other containers.


Ready to Eat
Ready to eat food is that which does not require much processing before it is perfect for consumption. It ready as soon as the pack is opened, which very tasty and appetizing.

Ready to eat foods require special packaging that prevents the contaminants from getting in and degrading the quality. Also the contents should remain fresh till the time they are opened for consumption. For this the high quality material of stand up pouches works in a great way. It increases the shelf life of the contents and keeps in fresh and hygienic.


Pharmaceutical pouches preserve the medicinal properties of the pharmaceutical drugs that they contain. This can be done by using the paramount quality pharmaceutical packaging materials, which could keep them protected from water or moisture for long time period.

Stand up pouches are perfect barrier from moisture, vapours & gases, these opaque pharmaceutical packaging products are properly sealed to keep the medicines in a temperature controlled environment. Safe and hygienic, the packaging materials do not react with the medicines and are used for packing powders, liquids, pills, tablets, capsules, creams, gels etc.


Rice and noodle
We want to assure you that our stand up bags for rice are made with the finest materials and top notch care. Our pouches feature multiple layers of barrier film laminated together to protect rice and noodles from puncture holes, light, odour, and moisture, which could all harm the product. Our stand up pouches use layer after layer because one is not enough against the wear and tear of shipping and shelving.

The packaging should minimise the breakage of grains and noodles which can increase the quality of the contents. The packaging keeps the contents fresh and hygienic.


Tea and coffee
Quality is very important. Each pouch that we make has multiple layers of barrier film that have been laminated together in order to protect your product. The packaging of the coffee and tea is what keeps it tasty till it reaches the consumers. Without it the tea or coffee would be stale and have an unpleasant smell.

Our stand up pouches are made from scientifically engineered barrier films. They protect the contents from moisture, odour, UV rays, and dust. The strength makes sure that they are not going to be punctured or torn easily.


Nuts, dry fruits, chips
People are becoming very much health conscious. People have now moved on to fruits and nuts to provide them a healthy and filling snack.

Stand up bags are very sturdy, stable and puncture resistant. If the packaging does not protect the contents, there will be fewer contents by the time it reaches the consumers. With their multiple film layers, stand up pouches also keep out moisture, vapour, and odour while keeping freshness locked in. Available zipper seal closures ensure a longer shelf life.

Custom labels can be applied to the ample front and back side panels of the stand up bags.

Stand up bag fruit and nut packaging will really stand out.


Not all packaging materials are suitable for all types of products. Meat requires packaging that not only protects it from various environmental factors, but also accommodates the perishable status of almost all products. Fortunately, stand up pouches addresses those requirements while providing other packaging features as well.

We utilize the best in technology to keep your product fresh and savoury. We test all of the products we use regularly so the pouches will be top notch. In addition to these precautions to avoid stale meat, we us make sure that the packaging does not retain moisture. This, along with our thick packaging, reduces the chance of your meat becoming moldy, which would be really bad. Can you imagine opening up a package of meat only to find that it is not only no longer fresh, but also not even safe to consume?


Oil and Grease
For someone in the oils, solvents, and grease business, getting dirty is nothing. Things get messy easily when dealing with these products. Hence liquid packaging pouches with valves reduce the mess created by facilitating easy pouring, and the stand up nature facilitates easy storage.

The multiple layers of barrier film to keep the product sealed in and protected from punctures, odours, moisture, air, and light. If exposed to these problems for an extended period of time, oil and grease quality severely compromises. When the packaging becomes messy due to leaks, it does not take much time for things to get messy. The pouches become harder to handle, there's liquid everywhere and it's not a good sight and a place to work. With easy to pour notches, the pouch remains clean and facilitates the transfer of contents as may be required, without causing any mess.


Seeds and Pesticides
Agricultural products range from the basic item used for the home gardener to the seed and feed used by fully fledged farmer. Agricultural products are packaged efficiently and effectively using stand up pouches. Products need to be protected, and the stand up pouch not only protects, but also keeps these items fresh for long. Whether these items are in small packets or large industrial sizes the stand up pouches will keep the contents protected from moisture, odor, oxygen, vapor, and even puncture.

Stand up pouches are made from multiple layers of barrier film laminated together. This protects the contents inside and helps form the firmness on the bottom of the bag so they can "stand" properly. As individual layers of film they are unremarkable, but once laminated together they create incredible barrier properties.


Spices, pulses and pickles
Seasonings – the spice of life and food. Meals without the finest spices and seasonings added to them would be bland and boring. All good meals use a combination of a few different spices. If you produce these seasonings, you need to use top notch quality spice packaging pouches for your products. The perfect spice packaging pouch can make all the difference and keep your seasonings fresh at the same time.

Pickles are a side dish and need perfect packaging partner to retain its taste. If air and moisture are allowed to let in, it could become unhygienic and inedible. With stand up pouches, you are ensured about the safety and freshness of the contents.

Pouch for pulses are available in different specifications and forms in accordance with the diverse requirements. The offered range of pouches is strictly tested to maintain its quality throughout the manufacturing process.


Ketchup, soups and pastes
Meals wouldn't be as delicious without ketchups and pastes. Keeping them as fresh as on the day they were packaged is important. The contents should not be exposed to anything as it will degrade its quality. The sugar content makes them go bad quicker than others. The laminated layers will protect your product from punctures, odours, moisture, air, and UV light.

With notches: Easily pour the sauce, pastes, ketchups, or anything else directly into whatever you are cooking. This reduces mess in the kitchen.

With zippers: A convenient way to close bags without using much effort. With heavy duty zippers, once your package is sealed, it stays that way.


Pet products
You need pet food packaging that will turn your company into a household name. Whether it's cat food, bird food, dog food, or anything else for other pets, you need to know that packaging pet food efficiently is a handy way to gain consumer loyalty. The perfect pouches will keep problematic odours and pests out of the product will keep people coming back.

There are so many factors that go into creating pet food that will catch the attention of consumers. To get consumers interested, the pet food pouches need to stand apart. This can be achieved by using the right kind of design. We utilize the best in technology to keep your product fresh and savoury. We test all of the products we use regularly so the pouches will be top notch. The contents remain fresh till the time they are opened for consumption. For this the high quality material of stand up pouches works in a great way. It increases the shelf life of the contents and keeps in fresh and hygienic.